Being a blogger is funny. A few years ago to create a successful blog, you had to have an insane sense of style and a great writing voice. There had to be something to set you apart from every other "street style" star out there but now, a successful blog can be created by anyone with a closet full of designer clothes, a professional camera and enough time to document it all.

Don't get me wrong, blogging is hard. There's a lot more that goes into it than people realize (I know first hand) but,  there has to be a certain point where a blog is more than perfectly edited flat lays and contest loops that help boost followers right? In an effort to bring the substance back to blogging, I've asked 5 of the most influential and inspirational bloggers  from around the world what exactly blogging means to them.  I can tell you it's not the likes on Instagram.....



STEPHANIE: @stephaniecosmopolitan


"Genuine creativity and connection. A new era of influencers has finally made its mark in the fashion industry. Desensitization is no longer a fear for consumers because we review products that truly affect us in our day to day lives. I get to connect and meet so many people around the world that are genuinely interested in learning the latest trends and products I use. With that comes great responsibility. Therefore, I always make a priority to have a genuine voice in ever aspect of my blog. The best part is that I get to manifest all my wildest ideas and dreams through my personal channel and brand."



HUDA ALVI: @hautebyhuda

You hear many say the common phrase “it’s a creative outlet” there is 100% truth attached to that. If you ever hear stories from people that quit their jobs to follow their passions its most often the complete opposite of what they do in real life. Unfortunately very few of us pursue our dream jobs and careers,  and for all those who don’t  Blogging was and is the answer. Bloggers of all kinds, Fashion, Food, Travel, Pets, Life, Empowerment, Entertainment…you name it they do it.
Like many other women the love of blogging sparked after Instagram started becoming so mainstream and I realized that there is so much potential of opportunities that I probably have not even imagined yet. There are no more limits or unattainable desires of being noticed directly by brands or Media.  It’s like a dream come true.
Blogging to me has now become an obsession of creativity. Every opportunity is a way to make your own. The platform allows you to connect with like minded people, along with creating content that can inspire thousands around the world. Luckily for me I discovered my purpose on this platform a few months after I started my Instagram journey and that is to leverage my audience to a bigger purpose, to see beyond the pictures and to inspire others with my story and my passion to change the very existence of pre conceived notions. That’s what Blogging means to me.



SHELCY & CHRISTY@nycxclothes

Our blogging platform is not just a place to post pictures and pretend to only exist behind perfectly composed shots and a fabricated lifestyle. It's a legitimate way to build community and connect with people we wouldn't otherwise have access to. Before we decided to start making videos on YouTube and sharing stories on Instagram, we took to exploring the city and making friends. We've always loved meeting new people, building on common grounds and adding to our storehouse of experiences.


Our platform exists to show girls that they can achieve their dream without losing their individuality. It's here to tell them that they can allow themselves to make mistakes, stumble and come back stronger than ever. Every look expresses an aspect of our personality and each piece of content tells the story of us trying to figure ourselves out in a world where everything forces everyone to conform. Essentially, we are not just bloggers. We are storytellers.



DANIELLE SAUTER: @blondeinthedistrict


I started blogging a little over 2 years ago as a creative outlet. I had recently left a job that left me feeling stripped of my creativity, and I turned to blogging as my outlet. I fumbled my way through the first year until I finally hit my stride. My blog turned from a hobby to my full on side hustle and has not only far exceeded my thirst for creativity, it has opened doors I never would have imagined.


My blog has given me the confidence to pursue goals, has taught me valuable lessons, and has made me realize a lot about my self. To me, blogging is a unique display and expression of your life, through your eyes, that you are sharing with the world. Blogging is so much more than the over saturated flat lays we see all over Instagram. Its about finding a vision and message we want to convey, perfecting that vision, packaging it up, and sharing with everyones eyes to see with the hope that someone will be inspired by your vision.


I also use my blog as a platform to connect with other like-minded individuals- whether they are other bloggers or readers/followers. It has introduced me to a number of inspiring and creative souls who inspire me to work even harder as a influencer.



BRITT: @whenwearandnow

Y'all didn't think you could get away with not hearing from me too,  did you ;) 

When I started When Wear Now a few years ago,  I didn’t know what I was doing or where I wanted to take it. Or in other words, I had no game plan (dumb). As the blog started to develop, I couldn’t help but realize that something was missing. The blog slowly became more of a chore rather than the fun past time I had imagined. My weekly posts slowly started to dwindle and before I knew it, I wasn’t posting at all.

After a few months off and quite a bit of soul searching, I realized what I needed was a purpose. If I was going to be working a full-time job (sometimes up to 16 hours a day – cheers to being an entrepreneur) and then come home to blog, in order to stay motivated there had to be a reason behind every post.It wasn't long before my purpose became crystal clear.

Working in a digital world where cyber bullying, body shaming and unrealistic life expectations are all common practices, I knew I needed to help put an end to all of that. Now, on the blog, we not only highlight some of the most badass entrepreneurial and inspirational men and women, but put a heavy emphasis on being true to yourself. While we still do post about wardrobe style, beauty products (who doesn’t want gorgeous skin) and other common lifestyle concepts some bloggers use as their podium, our main focus is inspiring as many readers as we can. At WWN we want to teach people to do what makes them happy in life. People who read the blog should always feel empowered to DO whatever they want, and BE whomever they want.

There will be no more edited photos, no more perfectly laid flat lays, no more fake and/or forced product placements and more importantly no topic off limits! I may lose followers/ partnerships and people may not always understand why  I'm doing what I am, but I will be 100% honest and that's all that matters to me.