Two months ago, I interviewed the founder of Real Her, a makeup brand that's created to empower women with each use. On each tube of lipstick there's a phrase that's purpose is to remind women how powerful, beautiful, and perfect they are - it's like a pep talk with each lipstick application!

Inspired by the mission, I decided to choose three of my favorite lip colors and share a personal story based off the quote on each tube. First up, I Love Myself...

"It's said that most of us are so used to our own features that we don't realize how beautiful we may look to a random stranger."


Though it's easier said than done, when do we stop thinking negatively about ourselves and see what others see in us? I've been blessed with one of the most amazing friend groups a girl could ask for. They support me (no matter how crazy the idea is), they keep my overthinking mind in check (that one's for you J) and they see things in me that I don't even realize about myself.  I'm thankful every day for having a positive influence like them in my life, but even with all the great energy around, negative thoughts sneak in every now and then. I still have fat days where my outfit changes 10 times before I leave the house. I still have days where I'm left alone with my thoughts too long and I come up with a list of 100 reasons about why that guy didn't text back and I also catch myself comparing my accomplishments to those of others. Sue me, I'm human!

I know that at times, I may make it sound simple to block out all the outside (and internal) negativity, but that's not the case. It's hard and at times it seems impossible- I get that.  I've worked VERY hard over the years and am still a work in progress.

As someone who has struggled with self-confidence and  body image issues for the better part of my life, it became apparent that if I couldn't love and accept myself for who I truly am, than no one would. Unfortunately, it took loosing my dad to jumpstart my self-love mission, but no matter when, where, or why you decide to do it, rest assured it will be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

With that said, for many of you who have followed my blogging journey, you know I'm no stranger to talking about the hardships it took for me to find myself, and how I've learned to "not give a f*@k" what people think of me anymore. Don't get me wrong, (see paragraphs above) I have "work in progress" plastered across my forehead, but 99% of the time I no longer care what people think of me and it's truly the best feeling I've ever had.

Here are just a few things that I've come to love about myself that in the past have altered the way I think.....


1.) I swear - Who gives a shit. If for some reason, it offends you, please don't read my blog. 

2.) I have bad skin - My skin has always been a cause for my lack of self-esteem, but now I realize that by posting photos of myself without makeup and sharing my acne troubles with others, it can only help! Plus, I'm a skincare junkie so it gives me an excuse to try some pretty kick ass products!

3.) I'm unapologetically sassy and honest -  I used to think that this made me an asshole,  but now I realized that more people should speak their minds. 

4.) I'm not a size 0 - Big deal, I'd rather have a booty anyway.

5.) I'm not the best writer - I often have friends and family catch spelling or grammatical errors in posts and I'll forever be grateful for that, but if you just want to pick apart my writing - lay off - it's my personal blog and often times I write in a hurry or late at night before bed. As long as I'm able to reach my audience and convey my message, I don't care that there's a comma out of place. 

6.) I'll never be a domestic goddess - I've heard that I'd never be a good homemaker. It's true, I'm not. I'm too busy building an empire to cook every night, host dinner parties and worry about what plates match the table setting. 

*To all the ladies out there doing it, more power to you though because it isn't easy! *

By accepting these few things(and much more), I've been liberated from the daily concerns of what society says is "right" and have been able to embrace who I really am.

My challenge to everyone out there is to make a list of things that you love about yourself, hang it somewhere where you see it every day, and make sure to remind yourself of just how awesome you are!

xx B