While talking with a client of mine the other day, we got on the topic of self-love. She told me that she admired my drive and confidence to start my own business at such a young age and how when she was growing up she always had a secure self identity, but a strong support system wasn't always there. Her parent's would always push her to do better, be better and look better, even if that meant putting her down at times. "I wish that I was raised like young women are today. They have this sense of empowerment and drive to be comfortable with themselves and that's something I wish I knew at your age, not 20 years later."

After I left our meeting, I started to think.  What would it be like to live in a society where women weren't judged by their clothing size or physical appearance? A society where all women realized that sometimes it's their imperfections that make them most beautiful and that they don't need validation from anyone to feel like their most authentic and gorgeous self.

I come across, and/or get approached by, multiple brands per week that claim to be "body positive" or "feminist" but to me it just seems to be a bandwagon front. As it happened by chance, I stumbled upon a photo of a gorgeous lipstick color (I saved it since I was technically working at the time) and when I clicked to buy later on, I was in awe!


RealHer was founded on the idea that, with each application, their products can help to inspire the wearer: to be herself, to love herself, to be powerful, and to rule the world on a daily basis! It doesn't ask women to be perfect, but rather to continue being themselves and play off the qualities that define them as individuals.

Soon after becoming a father, Real Her Founder, Bill Xiang, was faced with the harsh realities of what it's like for young girls to grown up in today's society and knew he had to do something about it!  "I didn’t really think about the question of whether I am a feminist until my little girl’s birth. After Yarie was born, I started research into how - as a father - I could best take care of a baby girl. It was striking to me how complicated it is for a girl to grow into a woman in this society, and how society affects a woman’s life. When she was born, that was the moment I realized I am a feminist, and I want to be a feminist. I want to do whatever I can to make as much difference as possible, as quickly as possible, to help more women. RealHer started as a way to create a better social environment for my little girl.


Now, with a full line of lipsticks, eye shadow palettes and makeup brushes, this California based company is making strides in the women empowerment community! The products are cruelty-free, paraben-and sulfate-free and made with all natural ingredients. Not to mention that 20% of all gross profits go to the American Association of University Women (AAUW), a non-profit organization that advances empowerment, self-fulfillment and actualization for women and girls through leadership programs, advocacy, education, and research. If that's not enough to convince you of how amazing this brand is, every lip color has a positive affirmation written on it, so that every time you when you reapply your color, you're reminded of just how amazing you are!

I will be partnering with Real Her on a blog series so stay tuned for more juicy details and self-love talk coming your way!

x B