I had a whole other approach to this post until I came across a quote that changed all of it. This morning as I was doing my usual Instagram creeping while sipping on coffee, I came across a quote that read; "Becoming yourself is a team sport."

Before even realizing the words coming out of my mouth I called "bullshit"! Maybe it was a misinterpretation of the quote on my part, but becoming yourself should NOT be a team sport. It's one of the only things in life that should be all you, because for lack of better phrase,  IT IS YOU! We all have people in our lives that have helped shape us, instill our values, and partially develop little bits of our personalities, but at the end of the day, it's your job to stand out all on your own.

With the media like it is today (in our face 24/7) it's hard to stay on your own path and just do you. There's this unspoken pressure to be perfect and look perfect all the time. As victim to these pressures myself, I've decided I had enough.


I always joke that I'm not sure why/how I decided to become a blogger because I really am the most awkward person in front of the camera. Not only do I hate looking directly at the camera, but between the talking and stupid dance moves I do to whatever song is running through my head at the time, getting the "perfect" shot has and probably never will be accomplished on my blog. Truthfully, I'm ok with that.


Since I've started my blog, I've never done any heavy editing on my photos. If anything, I'd have Sammie touch up a zit on my face, or fix the lighting a bit - nothing crazy.

However, from this post on, there will be no more retouching. If I have a zit, you'll see it. If my shirt is wrinkled, you'll see it. If my baby hairs are all up in my face you'll see it. It's about to get very real over here people!

Cheers to my first of many posts, guest staring my troubled skin, unruly hair, and chipped nails ;)