This blog has become my journal...  

It’s become my safe space to share thoughts and much like Drake, (listen to Scorpion) writing has become my therapy. Sharing with you scares the shit out of me most of the time, but I always do it with a purpose behind it.  So, if there’s no purpose, why would I share?

Signing up to be an “honestly unfiltered” blogger, I knew I would have to give y’all a pretty in depth look into my life, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job of it so far. However but it’s only fair I still have a choice about what, how much, and when I share. As much as I love everyone who follows along on this crazy ride I call my life, my goal is to only share when it’s something of substance(see above when I mentioned it the first time). This means that even if I’m posting about something a bit more fluffy, like an outfit or makeup/skin care, there will still be a message behind it. I am not here to get more followers. I’m not here for the likes. And I’m damn sure not here to sell you on some version of my life that’s only real on Instagram. Being a blogger, and a naturally dramatic person, there will be some extraness from time to time (insert posed outfit photo or 500th selfie to show off killer highlighter), but at the end of the day, the overall message will be real AF – that I can promise! 

In all the realness I plan on continuing to share with you all, there will be some things that are off limits. Please see my list below….


DATING:  You will hear me talk about dating until I’m blue in the face. I will give you past examples from my personal experiences as well as from those closest to me, but you will never hear me mention names (mainly because I don’t feel like getting sued for slander) and you will NEVER know WHO or IF I’m actually dating.  This comes along with my strong belief that social media, especially for someone that’s so active in the field, is one of the major factors in relationships failing. So, instead of fighting over who liked who’s picture on IG, it’s just best to keep that completely out of it.


FAMILY:  I love my family. They mean more to me than anything else in this world so yes, I will post about them and I will share funny stories about them, but no intimate details or specific stories will ever be shared. Y’all have enough of your own family drama to worry about!


FUTURE PLANS:  I’m all about the quiet hustle. I’d rather fly under the radar and hit you with the coolest post/ partnership ever than give you step-by-step updates on what I’m doing. Much like Beyonce, I also love the surprise factor ;) Not only that, but as someone with anxiety, thinking about the future makes me panic. ONE. DAY. AT. A. TIME. 


These three things are the biggies, but you’ll notice I’ll be posting less and taking more days off as I go along. I have been scheduling out 90% of my content so most of the time I just open IG to check DMs now – it’s a beautiful thing and has taken a lot of the stress off! This all started for me when I noticed that some of the bigger bloggers apologize for being distant and feel the need to explain when they take days off.  That seems ludicrous to me and I can promise you I will NOT be sorry and I won’t feel the need to explain shit, even if I end up taking a whole month off.


Like I said in the beginning of this post, I’m not here to make blogging my only source of income and I really don’t care how many followers I have, so I know it’s a bit different for those who do make a living off of this, but I’m just here to share cool shit, help a few people out and vent about life.

Now that you have all that lovely info, please stop bugging me and asking if I’m dating -if I post about a guy in my story it’s most likely a client or my brother. Please stop asking about my family and please stop asking what I’ve been up to. Unless you’re one of the people in my “cool AF” category, I won’t tell you anything. #sorrynotsorry


Until next time,