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Since the blog has gone through such a drastic change in the past year, I thought my first post should explain why exactly I decided to change directions. 

First and foremost, I started my own company! Exciting I know, but being an entrepreneur is no easy feat.  As soon as that company starts, so does a new way of life. My new life included a major shift in;  my wardrobe, work/life balance, and overall attitude towards life. I didn't have time to get dressed up every single day and I sure as hell didn't have time to waste on people who didn't make a positive impact in my life. SO, I decided I would be "honestly unfiltered" about life. 

My goal is talk about REAL issues and REAL stories that people are faced with every day because let's be honest, not every blog can be filled with designer clothing, fluffy posts, give aways and partnerships - someone's gotta do the dirty work! With that said, these are some of the topics that we'll be touching upon....

  • Self Care/Love 
  • Relationships 
  • Body Positivity 
  • Entrepreneurship & Business 

I know what you're all thinking...."how the hell does she have a right to talk about ANY of these issues?" The truth is, I don't. I just know what I've been through in my life and how I've handled certain things. I'll be sharing my point of view and opinions in hopes that it helps at least one other person through whatever they may be struggling with.  I'm also not here to bore you to death, so though some of these issues are pretty serious, I'm still going to be my sarcastic, sassy self when talking about them- you're welcome! 

If you have any ideas of what you'd like to see on the blog feel free to reach out! I want this to be a collaborative project and I'm open to almost anything. 

I look forward to starting this new chapter with you all! 

x B 


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