Do you ever stumble upon a brand/ designer and wonder how you lived your whole life without them before? Everyone should be raising their hand right now because I know what the answer is – yes!

When I met Angela Brantley and Rhea Fernandez, founders of Hero/Black,  not only were they cool as hell and drop dead gorgeous, but I knew this edgy, chic, artistic, brand was exactly what I had been missing in my life!  The luxury street wear brand for men and women makes “cool” seem effortless and with statement pieces like their mesh bomber jackets, leather bralettes and graphic tees, you’ll be sure to turn heads everywhere you go!

Honestly Unfiltered:  How did Hero/Black as an idea come about?
Angela Brantley & Rhea Fernandez: We created Hero/Black because we wanted to make things we wished existed. We’ve always had a very similar aesthetic and realized very quickly we wanted to create something together.

HU: There is something very empowering about women starting a business together and doing it amazingly.  What advice would you give to other women trying to make a name for themselves?

HU: What brands do you look for for inspiration?
AB & RF: We love the history behind Margiela and the cult following Wang has been able to develop. Both are big inspirations for sure.

HU: How does Chicago’s fashion scene play into Hero/Black?
AB & RF: The Chicago fashion scene is very open and receptive to new talent, which allows us to be more fearless in what we create.

HU: Your garments carry a lot of structural and artistic cues.  How do you make a point to incorporate such artistic aspects into the pieces?
AB & RF: We always think of our pieces as wearable art! Everything we create reflects our personal style and are things that we want to wear.

HU: When someone wears your pieces, what do you hope it makes them feel like?
AB & RF: We hope that they feel confident, strong, and sexy.

HU: I’m loving the string ray clutch and long maxi dresses from your collection! What are your favorite pieces currently?
AB & RF: We’re both currently obsessed with our long and short mesh bombers from the summer capsule collection and we both wear our pebbled leather bucket bags everyday!