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I'm the Founder / CEO of Åtte Creative, by day and Founder / Digital Publisher of Honestly Unfiltered by night. As a self-proclaimed work-a-holic that lives on endless amounts of coffee and is all too fluent in the art of sarcasm, I've been lucky enough to turn this side hustle into one of my biggest passion projects.

Working in a digital world where cyber bullying, body-shaming and unrealistic life expectations are all common practices, I knew I needed to help change that.

HU run on purpose, real life situations and stories and the never ending drive to inspire readers to be themselves. We not only highlight some of the most badass, inspirational men and women, but also put a heavy emphasis on being true to yourself. You’ll get hit with a post about clothing or beauty products (who doesn't want gorgeous skin) every now and then, but our main focus remains the same.

To be an honest voice for those who haven’t found theirs yet. We talk about everything you’re thinking but to afraid to say.